1991 swept tornado alerts into digital age

The Kid’s early TV magic included fun, fascinating shows, and weather bulletins when heavy storms started rumbling nearby. He knew to act fast when warnings showed where and when violent storms would hit and how to stay safe. It was different for his parents or grandparents. TV or radio warnings then could be late or incomplete. Stations broadcast “all clear” just before a hidden monster devoured whole communities. Disaster hit Udall, Kansas, in 1955 because radar lost the twister’s hook. Forecasters thought it was waning. Udall folks went to bed. The F5 tornado hit minutes later, killing more than 80…

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Best Guard Dog

Max, the Best Guard Dog and his owner Casen Allen enjoying the Annual Pet Parade at the Slief Library in CHeyenne. Casen is the son

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Top Hand Cowboy Camp

Washita Cowboy Fellowship, Cheyenne, will host the Top Hand Cowboy Camp June 7-10, 2023 from 6-8:30 PMCamp is Free for boys and girls pre-k through

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