30 Years Ago – 1992 Reunion

Parade winners- Religious- 1st Baptist Church, 2nd Methodist Church; Business- 1st Forest Service, 2nd Youngbloods, 3rd Dobson Telephone; Civic- 1st Nite Hunt, 2nd Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce; 3rd Cheyenne- Arapaho Indians; Youth- 1st Crawford, 2nd State Basketball 85-86-87, 3rd Roger Mills 4-H; Band- 1st Cheyenne. The Oldest Pioneer was Don Baker and Longest Distance Traveled was Dale Roark. Fun Bike Race- Age 6 Girls- 1st Janlynn Griffin, 2nd Shelby Bailey, 3rd Rachael Gentry; Age Boys- 1st Shawn Roark, 2nd Joshua Wright; Age 7 Girls- 1st Misty Musick; Age 7 Boys- 1st Jason Taylor, 2nd Richard Rice, 3rd Dustin Wright; Age…

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HONOR…DAR Washita Chapter recently presented General Thomas P. Stafford with a Quilt of Valor. Pictured are Evelyn Hart, General Thomas Stafford, Carol Ann Batterton and

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HONORED…On Monday, November 21, 2022, the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washita Chapter presented Lt. General Thomas P Stafford with a Quilt of Valor at

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