90th Annual Woodward District Livestock Show

The 90th Annual Woodward District Livestock
Show was held February 16-27, 2024. Local FFA and
4-H members placing are as follows.
Division I
Class 1: 1st Josh Herren, Reydon
Class 2: 6th Boone Manning, Reydon
Class 3: 1st Keelynn Dirickson, Leedey; 2nd
Hudsyn Boren, Leedey
Class 4: 3rd Hudsyn Boren, Leedey
Division II
Class 6: 1st Madeline McClain, Leedey
Class 7: 2nd Madeline McClain, Leedey; 3rd Chase
Ebersole, Reydon
Class 8: 6th Amy Ebersole, Reydon; 7th Chase
Ebersole, Reydon
Reserve Champion Division II Wether – Madeline
McClain, Leedey
Division III
Class 11: 4th Amy Ebersole, Reydon
Class 12: 3rd Amy Ebersole, Reydon; 5th Maverie
Manning, Reydon
Class 1 Hair Ewe: 4th Ava Gregory, Sweetwater
Class 2 Hair Ewe: 2nd Abby Watson, Sweetwater
Class 1 Hamp Ewe: 6th Hayven Hickey, Reydon
Class 2 Hamp Ewe: 4th Natilee Aikins, Cheyenne
Class 1 AOB Ewe: 2nd Tarley Hickey, Reydon
Class 2 Commercial Ewe: 7th Addison Lewis,
Class 6 Commercial Ewe: 3rd Adrianna Aikins,

Class 4 Hampshire Wether: 5th Adrianna Aikins,
Class 1 Natural Wether: 3rd Addison Lewis, Leedey
Class 2 Shropshire Wether: 4th Tarley Hickey,
Class 1 Speckled Face Wether: 5th Tarley Hickey,
Reydon; 6th Maveri Manning, Reydon
Class 2 Speckled Face WetherL 7th Adrianna
Aikins, Cheyenne
Class 4 Crossbred Wether: 5th Tarley Hickey,
Class 1 Angus Heifer: 4th Maylin Lauder, Leedey;
5th Wiley Shaw, Reydon
Class 2 Chianina Heifer: 2nd Khyler Marshall,
Class 3 Chianina Heifer: 1st Kelton Dowdle, Leedey;
2nd Jaci Coffin, Cheyenne
Champion Chianina Heifer – Kelton Dowdy, Leedey
Class 4 Hereford Heifer: 1st Keelynn Dirickson,
Champion Hereford Heifer – Keelynn Dirickson,
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer – Kanon Dirickson,
Class 1 Maintainer Heifer: 2nd Miranda Allen,
Class 2 Maintainer Heifer: 1st Ansley Brown, Leedey;
3rd JW Buie, Leedey
Class 3 Maintainer Heifer: 2nd Wiley Shaw, Reydon;
3rd Sophia York, Reydon
Class 1 Red Angus Heifer: 1st Kasen Hall, Cheyenne
Class 3 Shorthorn Heifer: 1st Abigail Sides, Reydon
Class 2 Shorthorn Plus Heifer: 2nd Sophia York,
Class 4 Shorthorn Plus Heifer: 1st Miranda Allen,
Class 1 Simmental Heifer: 1st Kasen Hall, Cheyenne
Class 3 Simmental Heifer: 2nd Bryson Robertson,
Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer – Bryson
Robertson, Cheyenne
Class 1 Simmental Influence Heifer: 1st Bryson

Robertson, Cheyenne; 2nd Reece Reno, Cheyenne
Class 3 Simmental Influence Heifer: 1st Maylin
Lauder, Leedey
Class 4 Simmental Influence Heifer: 3rd Preston
Key, Cheyenne
Class 1 AOB Heifer: 1st Kraiton Carpenter, Leedey;
2nd Kelton Dowdle, Leedey
Class 4 AOB Heifer: 1st Khyler Marshall, Reydon
Class 5 AOB Heifer: 4th Jorja Baker, Cheyenne
Reserve Champion AOB Heifer – Kraiton Carpenter,
Class 2 Commercial Heifer: 2nd Selena Garcia,
Class 4 Commercial Heifer: 1st Rylan Reno, Cheyenne;
3rd Marissa Garcia, Reydon
Class 1 English Steer: 3rd Marissa Garcia, Reydon
Class 2 English Steer: 3rd Wyatt McIntrye, Leedey
Class 1 Cross Black Steer: 2nd Sophia York, Reydon;
3rd Hadleigh Flanagan, Sweetwater

Class 3 Cross Black Steer: 2nd Jaci Coffin, Cheyenne
Class 4 Cross Black Steer: 3rd Ella Holley, Leedey;
5th Miranda Allen, Cheyenne
Class 5 Cross Black Steer: 2nd Rance McEntire,
Class 2 AOC Cross Steer: 2nd Kraiton Carpenter,
Leedey; 3rd Addison Lewis, Leedey; 4th Bryson
Robertson, Cheyenne
Class 3 AOC Cross Steer: 1st Rance McEntire,
Sweetwater, 2nd Quaid McIntyre, Leedey
Champion AOC Steer – Rance McEntire, Sweetwater
Breed Champion Steer – Rance McEntire, Sweetwater
Breed Champion Chester Barrow – Catherine Mc-
Clain, Leedey
Reserve Breed Champion Dark Cross Barrow –
Jarren Johnson, Sweetwater
Reserve Breed Champion Berk Barrow – Kelton
Dowdle, Leedey
Black Cross Steer – Jaci Coffin, Cheyenne
All Other Color Cross Steer – Quaid McIntrye,
Wether Goats – Madeline McClain, Leedey;
Keelynn Dirickson, Leedey
Wether Goats – Hudsyn Boren, Leedey; Amy Ebersole,
Barrows – Kanon Dirickson, Leedey

Thank You

Thank you to LaNell Vernon and the Cheyenne High School Horticulture Class for their help cleaning out the downtown flowerpots and refilling them with potting

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