And the Fishing Derby Winners are…!!!!

The Black Kettle National Grassland and the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce hosted the 32nd Annual Youth Fishing Derby at Skipout Lake this past Saturday.

We were blessed with favorable weather and a great showing of youth and their families. A total of sixty-seven kids from ages 2-16 competed for prizes in categories of the most fish, biggest fish, and casting accuracy. In addition to the standard competition categories, the U.S. Forest Service and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation tagged 150 fish prior to the event for special prizes for anglers lucky enough to catch a tagged fish. The participants landed 133 fish representing seven different species. Participants were treated to lunch thanks to the generous donations from numerous sponsors.

Overall Tournament Biggest Fish: Grand Prize Knox Leach, Runner Up Atlas Bailey Overall Tournament Most Fish: Grand Prize Isabella Barton Runner Up Addison Jones Tagged Fish Alayna Roark

Ages 2-5 Largest Fish: 1st Knox Leach, 2nd Cason Allen, 3rd Jace Smith

Most Fish: 1st Knox Leach, 2nd Jayen Roark, 3rd Alayna Roark

Casting: 1st Jayen Roark, 2nd Cason Allen, 3rd Bryler Hay

Ages 6-9 Largest Fish: 1st Ali Drake, 2nd Mason Harvill, 3rd Amelia Roark

Most Fish: 1st Waylon Gardner, 2nd Miles Owen, 3rd Ali Drake

Casting: 1st Elliot Bailey, 2nd Sawyer Hebert, 3rd Mason Harvill

Ages 10-12 Largest Fish: 1st Atlas Bailey, 2nd Hunter Charleson, 3rd Brysan Snider

Most Fish: 1st Kasen Hall, 2nd Brysan Snider, 3rd (6 Way Tie) Reece Reno, Jase Davitt, Jacob Charleson, Hunter Charleson, Atlas Bailey, Tate Markham Casting: 1st Reece Reno, 2nd Laren Smith, 3rd Drake Smith

Ages 13-16 Largest Fish: 1st (4 Way Tie) Isabella Barton, Addison Jones, Violet Roark, Kyree Yearwood

Most Fish: 1st Isabella Barton, 2nd Addison Jones, 3rd Violet Roark

Casting: 1st John Whitson, 2nd Tailor Carter, 3rd Bailer Wright


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