Assumptions About The Bible

Some think the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate was an apple.The Bible says they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2 & 3). That’s it. No other description of the fruit exists. Some people just assume it was an apple. A lot of things about Christmas are assumed from the Bible. For instance, that December 25 is Jesus’s birthday. The Bible doesn’t tell us when he was born. We know where, but we don’t know when.And did you know that there’s no command to commemorate His birthday? That’s a good thing…

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Thank You

Thank you to LaNell Vernon and the Cheyenne High School Horticulture Class for their help cleaning out the downtown flowerpots and refilling them with potting

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Earth Day

Ivete Gallardo, Isela Creel and Josie Eakins had a great time learning all things Earth Day during Reading Ranger Story Time with Ranger Kate. Join

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