Canadian Club

Joel and Ethan Kendall visited Mick and Lily Kendall on Saturday, Juana Penry had lunch with Russ and Jo Cole, Cy and Beckham Richardson and Shirley Penry on Saturday. Juana visited Robyn Penry, Rachel and Crash Davis and Sarah Penry on Saturday evening. Those helping Leah Broadbent celebrate her birthday with a Sunday afternoon lunch were Lesly and Amy Broadbent of Amarillo, Lori Baker of Canton, Lane, Amy and Greyson Broadbent of Cashion, Kelly, Piper and Remi Wilson of Weatherford, Lynn and Cindy Broadbent, Ted and Lea Ann Meyer and Luke and Marlee Broadbent. Susan Haxton and Lily Kendall visited…

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MEETING…Cheyenne City Manager Nehemiah Yager was the guest speaker at the Sorosis Club Meeting on Monday, March 20, 2023. Yager spoke about the grants the

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