Canadian Club

Karen Harrel, Misti Goldston and Alli Mogg went to Elk City on Saturday while the men played golf in the Leedey Alumni Golf Tournament in Clinton. CJ Harrel visited Karen Harrel on Sunday. Tom and Marilyn Welty spent the week vacationing in Del Norte, Colorado. Visitors the past week with Billy and Leah Broadbent were Ted and Lea Ann Meyer, Luke Broadbent, Lynn Broadbent, Lesly and Amy Broadbent of Yukon, Rylee Broadbent Peyton Maroney, and sister and friend Tyler all of Cashion. Visitors this past week with Juana Penry were Russ and Jo Cole, Rex and Robyn Penry, Sarah Penry…

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MEETING…Cheyenne City Manager Nehemiah Yager was the guest speaker at the Sorosis Club Meeting on Monday, March 20, 2023. Yager spoke about the grants the

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