Canadian Club

Stephanie Baker of Watonga spent Friday night with her grandparents, Billy and Leah Broadbent. On Friday and Saturday, Stephanie, Lesly Broadbent of Yukon, Lane and Greyson Broadbent of Cashion, Lori Baker of Canton, Ted and Lea Ann Meyer, and Lynn and Cindy Broadbent worked cattle and weaned calves for Billy and Leah. Celo and Michelle Harrel and Karen Harrel went to Elk City Thursday for supper. C J Harrel from Oklahoma City visited Karen on Saturday. Karen and Robert Haynes attended the school play, “Aladdin,” Sunday afternoon. Cody Cole visited Juana Penry on Friday. Sunday dinner guests were Rex, Robyn,…

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HRMP Donations Received

The Historic Roger Mills Preservation and Development Foundation Board Members would like to recognize and thank the following donors. • In memory of Peggy Prestridge

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