Cheyenne 100 Years Ago

The Board of Town Trustees held a business session last Tuesday afternoon when the proposition of installing a water system for Cheyenne was discussed at length, after which a contract was entered into by the Board and the Gant-Baker Engineering Company of Oklahoma City to make preliminary survey, blue prints, specifications and estimate of cost of a water system for the town of Cheyenne.The Board of Education for Cheyenne has been about the busiest body of people in this city since they were sworn in, going over contracts of teachers, truck drivers and others connected with the schools and doing…

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Draggin’ Main

Cheyenne – Strong City Alumni Events for Draggin’ Main October 14, 2023 2:00 -4:00 pm – Yearbook Signing Party (Cheyenne Star Event Center) This is

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Local Food

Cheyenne Public Schools has partnered with Route 66 Meat Processing in Sayre to bring fresh beef to the students! This was made possible with the

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