Cheyenne 50 Years Ago

The Hammon Old Settlers Reunion started at 3 o’clock Friday afternoon with an unusual race between a greyhound and a quarter horse. The Greyhound “No Baby” owned by Bennie Cole beat “Old Rebel” quarter horse owned by Dennis Orgain in the 200-yard race. Quarter Horse Show Winners were: 1-3 years old Fillies: Clyde Bottom, Raymond Armstrong, Lawrence Waters 1-year Stallion: Arthur Carpenter, Leroy Penry Aged Stallion: Grand Champion Ron Hubbard, Eddie Wilson. Thoroughbred Show: 2-Year Geldings: Leroy Penry, Reece Newcomb Aged Geldings: Grand Champion Francine Allee, Kenny Leath, Curd Walker Mare & Colt: Grand Champion Clyde Bottom, Raymond Armstrong, Arthur…

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Old Sew & Sews

The Durham Quilting Bees recently enjoyed a day of sewing and quilting. Some of the group wore their t-shirts ‘Old Sew & Sews’. Pictured, back

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Reading Winner

READING WINNER…Jackie Gamez was the second week Minnie R. Slief Library reading winner. Remember to log your reading time on the Beanstack App to be

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