Cheyenne 50 Years Ago

Spec Lester had his wagon team out on Christmas Eve giving the young people rides. This has become an annual affair that the children enjoy very much. This offers the children a chance to try out our grandfathers mode of transportation. Seventeen firms manufacturers of chemicals are being sued by B.H. Cole, Jr. and Maude Cole, son and wife of the late B.H. Cole of Hammon. The suit claims the chemical manufacturers are responsible for not stating in the warranties that repeated exposure could cause death. It is believed to be the first suit of its kind. The companies are…

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Ready for Playoffs

Cheyenne-Reydon Cheerleaders ready for Playoffs! Caleigh King, Kiah Gonzales, Avari Brown, Carissa Bailey, Bear Caden Beller, Eden Atha, Ivy Scrivner, Abby Knisley and Elisabeth McDaniel

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