Cheyenne 50 Years Ago

It is estimated that more than 300 head of swine and 100 head of livestock were lost in Roger Mills County due to the snowstorm that blanketed the area with snow of 24 inches and more. This is the greatest loss of livestock in this county by Mother Nature since the Washita Flood in 1933. The Cheyenne Junior High Girls Basketball Team won the Five County Conference Championship by defeating Canute 31-20. The girls ended the season with a 23-3 record. Team members are Teresa Grant, Debbie Scroggins, Denise Hubbard, Laurie Montgomery, Vicky Wilson, Melda Cannon, Janice Gage, Barbara Parkhurst,…

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Thank You

Thank you to LaNell Vernon and the Cheyenne High School Horticulture Class for their help cleaning out the downtown flowerpots and refilling them with potting

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Earth Day

Ivete Gallardo, Isela Creel and Josie Eakins had a great time learning all things Earth Day during Reading Ranger Story Time with Ranger Kate. Join

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