Cheyenne 50 Years Ago

Turkey Calling Contest winners were Wildon Teague, 1st place; Charles Whitson, 2nd place and L.J. Derryberry, 3rd place. The trophies were presented to the winners by Mr. Joe Redden. The contestant numbers were drawn and announced by Denise Teague, age 8. Judges for the contest were Mr. Eddie McDaniel, Mr. Russell Salisbury and Mr. John McLemore. Roger Mills County has an ambulance. The $7,200 ambulance with the name “Roger Mills County” inscribed upon it is stationed at the Roger Mills County Memorial Hospital in Cheyenne. Norman Widener, Cheyenne, will be the driver. A qualified relief driver will be provided by…

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Old Sew & Sews

The Durham Quilting Bees recently enjoyed a day of sewing and quilting. Some of the group wore their t-shirts ‘Old Sew & Sews’. Pictured, back

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Reading Winner

READING WINNER…Jackie Gamez was the second week Minnie R. Slief Library reading winner. Remember to log your reading time on the Beanstack App to be

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