Cheyenne 50 Years Ago

The Church of Christ in Cheyenne is enlarging their building by the addition of classrooms, a study and rest rooms. Minister of this church is Raymond Duncan. The Roger Mills County Department of Institutions, Social and Rehabilitative Services held a one-week training course for non-technical nurses aides who provide home care for the elderly. Those in the graduating class were Mary Mingle RN, Betty Alenv LPN, Orpha Hill, Opal Turker, Lodema Brown, Clara Faye Musick, Edna Brewster, Willie Dunlap, Trudy McDaniel, Mertye Willaky, and Ruby Yager. Others attending from Hammon were Katherine Bacon, Ethel Horstkoetter and Verna Wallace. From Crawford,…

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Reading Winner

READING WINNER…Jentry Herren received the grand prize for the children’s reading program at the Minnie Slief library. She chose to go to the zoo and

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