In the last 11-12 days, Oklahoma has had record high and low temperatures, lake-effect snow, ice alligators, steam tornadoes, over a foot of snow, a possible meteor sighting and a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, but after 270+ hours (February 8), the state finally climbed to above freezing! It’s hard to believe that we had a windchill of -24 just a week ago and it is 69 today and most of the snow is already gone. We are thankful for the moisture the snow brought. We send our prayers and get well wishes to – Bruce Eakins, Cy Howenstine, David Wilson, Shirley…

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GIVING…The Cheyenne Platonic Club donated seven books to the Cheyenne school library this week. Pictured are Sue Moore, Lanie Moore, Librarian Darla Pennington, and Glenda

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Top Hand Cowboy Camp

Washita Cowboy Fellowship, Cheyenne, will host the Top Hand Cowboy Camp June 7-10, 2023 from 6-8:30 PMCamp is Free for boys and girls pre-k through

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