Cheyenne – Strong City Alumni Events

Alumni Basketball – Shawn Roark, Hunter Roark, Ethan Smith, Hunter Whiteneck, Riley Tracy and Clay Lent. Not pictured: Milo Garcia and Andy Thurston
Alumni Basketball – (l-r) Sarah Haven, Amber Smith Whiteneck, Molly Malson,Ashley Lucas Yeager, Cindy Hay Malson, Whitley Tracy Lent, Summer Pennington House, Tara Boswell Denney and Taylor Swisher Herzberg
2023 Cheyenne Alumni King and Queen Rollin Reimer and Tillie Bradshaw

Alumni from Cheyenne and Strong City met during Draggin’ Main VI activities Saturday, October 15, 2023.
Events started on Friday with the Alumni Basketball game. The game was held in the renovated old gym. The gym looks great! Cindy Malson said it best, “it is bright and big and screams this is Bear Country and I love it!”
Superintendent Ryan Baker said that pullout bleachers will be installed soon.
Lady Bears playing were Cindy Hay Malson Class of 1989, Tara Boswell Denney Class of 2002, Ashley Lucas Yeager Class of 2005, Whitley Tracy Lent Class of 2007, Taylor Swisher Herzberg Class of 2015, Summer Pennington House Class of 2015, Molly Malson Class of 2017, Sarah Haven Class of 2017 and Amber Smith Whiteneck Class of 2018.
Bears playing were Shawn Roark Class of 2004, Riley Tracy Class of 2010, Ethan Smith Class of 2012, Hunter Roark Class of 2018, Hunter Whiteneck Class of 2020, Milo Garcia Class of 2023. Others playing were Clay Lent, 2009 South Umpqua High School in Oregon and Andy Thurston, 2016 Noble High School, Oklahoma.
There was one mother-daughter set, two brother-sister sets, two husband-wife sets, one uncle-nephew set and at least three cheerleaders from the 60s-70s. Also ex-coach Ryan Baker with players from hie elementary, junior high and high school teams.
Thank you to Cindy Malson and Whitley Lent for putting the event together.
On Saturday, alumni met and signed in at the Star Event Center. The Class of 1973 met in the Baptist Fellowship Hall, Class of 1979 met in the lot next to Cheyenne Drug and the Class of 1982 met in the Chamber Building. It was reported everyone had a great time and lots of new memories were made. At 5:00pm the Alumni Parade started with the bicycles. Saanvi Martin, Zyriah Lane and Jacob Dodson rode in honor of Wallice Kirk. Others participating were Tristan and Cora Yager, Anzlie Lindberg, Saige and Laynee Underwood, and Langston Drake.
Thank you to Sheriff Brian Smith and his deputies for leading the parade. They were followed by Roger Mills County EMS. The Grand Marshall was Cheyenne Mayor Chris Barton. Others in the parade were Cheyenne High School Band, Class of 1979, John Fisher in a 1929 Essex Hot Rod, Sonya and Michael Blagg in a 1982 Chevy El Camino Drag Car “Hell Camino”, Justin Atkins in a 1973 Ford F100, Western Plains Library Book Mobile, Class of 1923 Future Alumni Ivete Gallardo, Down West Designs, Jonna Fisher Bernhardt in a 1965 Mustang, Class of 1989, Class of 1980, Market Square Thriftway, Levi and Shayne Carter riding a 2006 Dyna Low Rider and 2004 Big Dog Motorcycles, The Den & Whitley’s Flower Farm, Class of 1978, Class of 1971 and Class of 1970.
First Place was the Class of 1971, Second Place Market Square and Third Place The Den & Whitley’s Flower Farm.
Debra Lippencott won the Alumni Trivia Contest held at Becky’s Place.

Cheyenne Superintendent and ex-coach Ryan Baker is pictured at the Alumni Basketball Game with some of the young ladies he coached. (l-r) Molly Malson, Summer Pennington House, Baker, Sarah Haven,
Tana Craven Smith and Randa Tracy Overstreet.

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