Dan’s Cow-Calf Corner Biosecurity: Do You Have a Plan?

Rosslyn Biggs, DVM, OSU State Extension Beef Cattle Veterinarian – Biosecurity is a commonly used term in animal health circles. Simply stated biosecurity measures are those practices taken to prevent the introduction of disease into an animal population and spread of disease within an existing group. Biosecurity focuses on both infectious and non-infectious concerns. Many farms and ranches may have incorporated biosecurity practices for decades, but not necessarily considered those practices under the umbrella of biosecurity. The foundation of good biosecurity is good animal husbandry.Cattle producers, veterinarians, and animal health officials have long known the benefits of good biosecurity practices…

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Total Eclipse

Reydon High School students viewing the total eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Thank you to Security State Bank for supplying glasses for all the

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