Dan’s Cow-Calf Corner Calf Scours and Calving Pasture Rotation

Mark Z. Johnson, Oklahoma State University Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist — Calf scours results in sickness, poor performance, medical expenses, and death. Scours is a complex disease with many inter-related causes. Agent, host, and environmental factors collectively explain scours and these factors interact dynamically over the course of time. Infected calves, typically become ill or die from diarrhea by one or two weeks of age. Regardless of what causes the disease, the first seven to 14 days of age defines the age of susceptibility as well as the age calves are most likely to become infected and shed the…

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NFEC Energy Camp

Walker Butler from Reydon and Alexander Misener from Canute represented their schools and Northfork Electric at Energy Camp last week along with eighty plus students

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