Dan’s Cow-Calf Corner Spring 2022 Replacement Heifer Management Considerations

Mark Z. Johnson, Oklahoma State University Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist — With much of Oklahoma in various degrees of drought over the past several months, winter grazing has been generally poor for most of our state this year. If you are selecting yearling heifers as replacements for the cowherd there are several things to keep in mind: • Typical “best management” goal for development of replacement heifers is to have them at 65% of their mature weight by 14- 15 months of age. Research indicates 90% or more of heifers reaching this goal will be cycling at the beginning…

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Charles in Charge

By Landry Brewer — For more than half a year, Charles Wren has been busy preserving Elk City’s past and telling its stories.Wren became the

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