Dan’s Garden Corner The Truth About Chiggers

By Gail Ellis, Stillwater, Okla. – Chiggers are a nuisance during the summer months. The little red mites feed on leaves and humans, irritating the skin with itchy, inflamed bites.Justin Talley, head of the Oklahoma State University Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, said any area of high vegetation can support chigger populations because of the humidity that is maintained within vegetative cover.Chiggers can be found in meadows but are usually most prominent in grassy or scrubby vegetation, shaded areas, leaf litter, rotten logs and stumps. “If you walk through low vegetation, check your ankles, but chiggers could also feed…

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Draggin’ Main

Cheyenne – Strong City Alumni Events for Draggin’ Main October 14, 2023 2:00 -4:00 pm – Yearbook Signing Party (Cheyenne Star Event Center) This is

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Local Food

Cheyenne Public Schools has partnered with Route 66 Meat Processing in Sayre to bring fresh beef to the students! This was made possible with the

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