Dolls, Dolls, Dolls at the July Genealogy Meeting

Marilyn Wilson’s program for the July 7th Roger Mills Genealogical Society meeting in the Library Community Room was aptly named, “Dolls, Dolls, Dolls” and they were everywhere. Marilyn told one of the earliest dolls was a Paddle doll found in an Egyptian tomb around 1 A.D. Wherever you look around the world, there have been dolls accompanying humans, especially children. Many kinds of dolls: Flip, Barbie, GI Joes, Bobble heads, dried apple heads, porcelain, sawdust, rope, soapstone, Prairie Peg, faceless Amish, corn husk, Native American tribal ones, etc. Lu Eisler recounted a story of when a friend of hers at the age of three in 1947 had received a doll as a Christmas present.

Sixty years later in 2007, the friend took it to a Doll Restoration Shop and the Restorer said, “I can’t do anything with the face? What did you do?” Lou’s friend confessed that she had loved and kissed the doll all those years! Laurie Bogle brought her daughter’s collection, which had been given to her by her Great Grandmother.

Gloria Hargrave showed an original Barbie Doll in its original box, a Topsy Turvey Doll and two porcelain dolls measuring ¾ inch each(also called Penny Dolls because you could get them with Penny Candy or Frozen Charlottes).

Nadia Martin, 92 years old shared a Shirley Temple Doll: an authentic one would have a unique button on the dress and a certain number of curls in her hair. Cynthia Carpenter, Nadia’s niece, brought a Pearly Parks Doll from the late 1800s. Carol Ann Batterton brought two dolls which Wayne had brought to his mother and sister from Vietnam. She also displayed a doll made completely of sawdust. Allen Atha’s mother crocheted a fabulous wedding dress for a Barbie Doll, which set atop a wedding cake at a family wedding. Ann Graham made two dolls: a pillowcase doll and her first porcelain doll.

Marilyn shared that there are Doll Hospitals in Guthrie and Oklahoma City and a website called A person might be interested in restoring dolls as a career!

The Quarterly Journals were distributed. Treasurer’s report was the same as last month. On August 4, Lu Eisler will have a program on the recently released 1950 Census, which should be very educational. Reporters: Kathryn Harrison and Judy Tracy.

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