Dolls, Dolls, Dolls at the July Genealogy Meeting

Marilyn Wilson’s program for the July 7th Roger Mills Genealogical Society meeting in the Library Community Room was aptly named, “Dolls, Dolls, Dolls” and they were everywhere. Marilyn told one of the earliest dolls was a Paddle doll found in an Egyptian tomb around 1 A.D. Wherever you look around the world, there have been dolls accompanying humans, especially children. Many kinds of dolls: Flip, Barbie, GI Joes, Bobble heads, dried apple heads, porcelain, sawdust, rope, soapstone, Prairie Peg, faceless Amish, corn husk, Native American tribal ones, etc. Lu Eisler recounted a story of when a friend of hers at…

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Moving Snow

MOVING SNOW…Roger Mills County District 1 Commissioner Brian Hay talks to Randy Carter about clearing snow downtown Cheyenne on Tuesday. Snow started around 4:30am and

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