I hope everyone is still at home and no sickness in the family. I have almost quit watching any news. The misinformation is disgusting. The hype from the pandemic is staggering. But I’m reassured by the great American spirit. The my pillow guy’s factory is making masks. A distillery is making hand sanitizer. A baseball uniform manufacturer is making hospital gowns. The American scientists are close to making a 15-minute test and a vaccine. I’ve seen videos of masks being made in China in a nasty environment with young men that are barefooted sitting on the dirty cement floor. I saw the photo of a huge building with thousands of caskets and it was supposed to be in Italy and someone who watches scary movies recognized that it was a scene from a 2017 movie and had the two pictures side by side. We are being duped on a large scale. Trish Regan was fired for telling the truth on Fox. The Chinese are desperate. They supposedly are back to zero cases and business are usual. But someone who tracks actual facts says there are 30 million less cell phone users than last month. The Covid 19 is real and its scary. It originated in China and before the internet was scrubbed it was called Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease and was the 19th Corona virus to come from China. Originally, we were told that the Wuhan market was selling dead lab animals used for medical trials for food in the black market. Corona Virus has been around for a long time. Ask any farmer or rancher about black leg in cattle and what the bottle of vaccine says.

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