From the Desk of Cheyenne School Superintendent Robert Trammell

I consider Cheyenne Public Schools to be one of the leading be down at least $400,000 for the year. This puts us in a twenty-year low of collecting Gross Production taxes. A second source of local reve- nue affecting our budget this year is our Ad Valorem appropriation which is down for the second year in a row. This is mainly stemming from the reductions of the Wind Energy Sector’s valuations. Last year it fell $136,451 and this year we were appropriated $115,166 less. Another problem in collecting Ad Valorem has been the ongoing $190,060 tax protest by DCP (Devon…

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PLAYDAYS…Cheyenne Riding Club members present the colors at the Playday held Monday, June 10, 2024. The Riding Club will meet July 1, 8 and 22

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Championship Steps

Oklahoma Rodeo Company Growing Rapidly LEEDEY, Okla. – The first few months of any life feature incredible growth. From infancy to toddler, forms change shape

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SHOWING… KC Patsys Brandy raised and shown by Kraiton Carpenter, Leedey, was recently named Supreme Polled Hereford heifer at the Red Dirt Road Trip Regional

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TRAVELING…Last week guests at the Minnie R. Slief Library traveled around the world and created travel coasters for all the places they want to go!

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