Great Day for a Pet Parade!

There was a lot of barking, running and sniffing going on at the Annual Minnie R. Slief Library Pet Parade on Saturday.
Judges Dusti Kirk and Conner Kirk looked over all the animals and! Librarian Laura Lopez led the animals with their owners around the sidewalk in front of a big crowd. The Cheyenne Star took photos and the Sorosis Club handed out treats and drinks.
Mason Orgain won the prize for guessing the most dog treats and Landyn Hale won the prize for guessing the most cat treats.
Those participating were:

Isela Creel – Stuffed
Dog “Scuffy” – Most
Well Behaved Dog
Titus Holland – Stuffed
Pig “Piggy Animal” –
Oinkinest Animal
Casen Allen – Dog
“Max” – Best Guard
Anzlie Lindberg – Dog
“Cooper” – Most Curious
Langston Drake – Turtle
“Jubb” – Smallest
Ivy Orgain – Stuffed
Dog “Buffy” – Tidiest
Shepherd Lent –
Stuffed Sheep “Lamby”
– Leader of the Flock
Linkyn Hale – Dog
“Bowser’ – Chillest Pet
Landyn Hale – Dog
“Goofball” – Silliest
Ivete Gallardo – Cockatiel
“Sunnie” – Dancing
Queen/Fancy Footwork
Vanessa Vega– Dog
“Suga” – Most Party Animal
Vanessa Vega – Dog
“Nya” – Beefiest Dog
Vanessa Vega Cat
“Ginger” – Cool Cat
Evelyn Beech – Dog
“Chief’ Sweetest Dog
Eztli Ramirez – Cat
“Bear” – Most Fashionable
Lawson Atha – Dog
“Bullet” – Fastest Dog
Evie Atha – Dog
“Dempsey Rose” – Most
Talkative Dog
Hayes Whiteneck –
Dog “Bandit” Most on
Guard Dog
Julie Herren – Dog
“Dixie” Most Lovingest
Josh Herren – Dog
“Comet” – Bigges t
Jentry Herren – Kittens
“Shadow & Comet” Most
Playful Duo
Isela Creel – Dog
“Roscoe” Girls Bestest


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