How to Cook a Turkey Leedey Kindergarten

Khloe Farris: First you find a turkey. Then you fry it. Then you put grease on it because it is slippery. Mackenzie Boyd: You fry it and then you put it on plate. J.W Buie.: We cook it at MiMi’s house. You put it in the oven. You turn it on (oven) and it makes it hot and cook it 100 minutes. Melody Craig: You have to find a turkey and put it in a pan and cook it. You take it out of the oven with mittens and you make a turkey. Then you eat it. Alyk Pena: You…

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Moving Snow

MOVING SNOW…Roger Mills County District 1 Commissioner Brian Hay talks to Randy Carter about clearing snow downtown Cheyenne on Tuesday. Snow started around 4:30am and

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