Ladine Archer O’Connor
1921 – 2020

Ladine Archer O’Connor passed away Wednesday morning, September 2, 2020 at Jill’s house in Bloomington, Indiana. At 99 yearsold, she was the youngest and last of six brothers and sisters born and raised in Strong City, Oklahoma, in the early 1900’s. It was hard-tack. She was a young bride at the onset of WWII, a “Rosie the Riveter” during WWII, and a stellar example of the Greatest Generation post WWII work ethic. She epitomized the attitude of “when you get knocked down, get up – dust yourself off – and continue.”

She loved and married, built lives with, and eventually grieved the deaths of three WWII Vets: James Smith, J.B. Marshall, and Al O’Connor, the last of which treated her like gold, traveled the world with her, and was generous to a fault. Most of her last 18 years were spent living independently at El Dorado in Sun City, Arizona, looking off her balcony over the lake at the palm trees and mountains in the north. She played lots of golf, attended Lakeview Methodist Church, and enjoyed the company of many wonderful friends there. Her last year and a half at Jill’s House in Bloomington was a Godsend. The staff’s specialized abilities in dementia care are unique, unequaled, and much appreciated by Ladine’s family.

Ladine is survived by her daughter Jama and sonin- law Robert Patton in Edmond, Oklahoma. Also, grandsons Jacob Becannen and Daniel Becannen and great granddaughters Clara and Angela, all in Oklahoma City. As well, her son Steve and daughter-inlaw Ann Smith in Martinsville, Indiana. In addition, grandson Jason Smith, his wife Genevieve, and great granddaughters Cora and Lydia in Denver, Colorado. Furthermore, Ladine’s granddaughter Amy David and her husband Andrew in Zionsville, Indiana, and great grandsons Jack David, Purdue University, and Smith David, Zionsville High School.

There are also many Archers, Kirkseys, and Smiths spread throughout the Southwest who would not be surprised to know that, to the very end, Ladine had a can-do attitude and a gleam in her eyes. She was loved and will be missed by many. The mold is broken.


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