Last Will & Testament

You decided to have your lawyer write up a will for you. But things changed, and now a year later you have him change your will.You can change it all you want while you’re alive. But once you die, it’s legally binding. God has made two great covenants. The first, with one nation. The second is for the world. In both, God didn’t have to agree to anything. He announced the terms to the recipients, and it was theirs to accept or reject. God made His first covenant with Abraham’s descendants, Israel, when God delivered the law through Moses. That…

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Draggin’ Main

Cheyenne – Strong City Alumni Events for Draggin’ Main October 14, 2023 2:00 -4:00 pm – Yearbook Signing Party (Cheyenne Star Event Center) This is

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Local Food

Cheyenne Public Schools has partnered with Route 66 Meat Processing in Sayre to bring fresh beef to the students! This was made possible with the

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