Leedey Bison

Sophomore Brogan Devlin, Junior Olga Blackketter, Junior Kelsey Dowdle and Junior Montana Farris placed in the open division of the photography contest at the Dewey County fair. The students are learning proper photography techniques in Mrs. Meyer’s computer technology class.
Leedey Second grader Paysen Terbush prepares to share her chickens with her classmates. Students earn points for good behavior and can cash points in every other Friday to buy special rewards. Paysen bought show and tell with her points and brought her chickens for the class.
Leedey second grader Alyk Pena enjoys cuddling a chicken during show & tell.

Ready for Playoffs

Cheyenne-Reydon Cheerleaders ready for Playoffs! Caleigh King, Kiah Gonzales, Avari Brown, Carissa Bailey, Bear Caden Beller, Eden Atha, Ivy Scrivner, Abby Knisley and Elisabeth McDaniel

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