Leedey Bison

Leedey seventh grader Daycee Danielson flies out during the recent softball game. Submitted by Olga Blackketter.Dallas Gill is working hard as a teacher’s aide organizing for the Pre-k and Kindergarten Leedey teachers. Submitted by Brooke Kirkwood.Leedey’s English teacher Morgan Lady giving instructions to her eighth-grade class. Weslin Elliot is making sure to ask questions and work hard. Submitted by Brooke Kirkwood.Leedey Second grader Adlee Boren enjoying the school day. Submitted by Olga Blackketter.Leedey Sixth grader Dacota Coogle takes a break on a school day. Submitted by Olga Blackketter.Leedey seventh grader Maddie Harrel gets a hit in the recent Junior high…

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Old Sew & Sews

The Durham Quilting Bees recently enjoyed a day of sewing and quilting. Some of the group wore their t-shirts ‘Old Sew & Sews’. Pictured, back

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Reading Winner

READING WINNER…Jackie Gamez was the second week Minnie R. Slief Library reading winner. Remember to log your reading time on the Beanstack App to be

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