Leedey Bison

Third grader Lee Roark guards the ball during the game against Sentinel. The Bison won against the bulldogs 12-11.
Submitted by Faith Touchstone
Freshman Blake Puffinbarger runs offense against the Sentinel Bulldogs. She finished the game with a total of
sixteen points. The Leedey Bison stole the win with a score of 56-41. Submitted by Jaidyn Hernandez.
Senior Cade Clem shoots a layup during the matchup between the Sentinel
Bulldogs. The Bison won with the final score of 59-44.
Submitted by Connor Clem.
Fourth grader Quaid McIntyre goes up for a layup against the Sentinel Bulldogs. The Bison defeated the Bulldogs 12-11. Submitted by Keelynn Dirickson.
Leedey Junior Avery Cearlock fights for the ball against Sentinels Lady Bulldogs.
The Lady Bison took the win later that night with the final score being 56 to 45. Submitted by Delaney Acuna.
Sophomore Brin Boatman scores on a left-handed lay-up. Leedey then goes on to beat the Sweetwater Bulldogs 63-40.
Submitted by Delaney Acuna.
Sophomore Kristen Smith is adding stars to her pumpkin painting. Pumpkins were designed in Mrs. Goldston’s humanities class. Submitted by Connor Clem
Freshmen Blake Puffenberger is painting her Halloween pumpkin for art class.
Submitted by Alex Palmer.

Thank You

Thank you to all our volunteer firemen and county guys for their dedication to protect our community. Pictured working together to get the fire under

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