Letter to the Editor

The Cheyenne-Reydon sports co-op has been more than just an agreement to play sports together. It has been a bridge between two communities to give students an opportunity to be a part of teams and build relationships that will last a lifetime. As I reflect on my personal experiences, I think about the Reydon students who would have no opportunity to compete on some of the biggest stages or compete at all. I also think about Cheyenne students that in certain years also may have missed out on a sport that they genuinely love because of the lack of the…

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GIVING…The Cheyenne Platonic Club donated seven books to the Cheyenne school library this week. Pictured are Sue Moore, Lanie Moore, Librarian Darla Pennington, and Glenda

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Top Hand Cowboy Camp

Washita Cowboy Fellowship, Cheyenne, will host the Top Hand Cowboy Camp June 7-10, 2023 from 6-8:30 PMCamp is Free for boys and girls pre-k through

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