Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, I want Paw Patrol toys, yummy turtles and dinosaurs. I have been a good boy. Love, Cash Fox, age 3 Dear Santa, I would like a new baby doll and Minnie Mouse bed. I have been good. Love, Isela Creel, age 3 Dear Santa, I want a Elsa Barbie and I want Elsa slippers, Elsa shoes, Elsa pajamas and Elsa clothes. Thank you, Santa, for getting me a lot of stuff! Love, Quincy Drake, age 3 Dear Santa, I am Josie jo Eakins. I live at Crawford, Oklahoma. I am 5 years old. I have been a good…

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NFEC Energy Camp

Walker Butler from Reydon and Alexander Misener from Canute represented their schools and Northfork Electric at Energy Camp last week along with eighty plus students

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