Metcalfe Museum

Augusta was a memory artist, meaning her paintings were depictions of what she saw and experienced throughout her life. One of her works of art, “Load of Watermelons,” is from a childhood memory. Suzzanne Kelley’s thesis on Augusta talks about this memory in detail. Six-year-old Augusta took a trip with her brother Howard to Ochiltree County, Texas. During this trip to pick up firewood, the two went camping and were invited to share watermelon with the Billie Enfield family. Augusta picked wild grapes and encountered her first Bobwhite quail. “Load of Watermelons” is a perfect example of how Augusta took…

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Charles in Charge

By Landry Brewer — For more than half a year, Charles Wren has been busy preserving Elk City’s past and telling its stories.Wren became the

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