Metcalfe Museum

During the move to the current site, Augusta and her family camped at the Canadian River. It was known to be treacherous and difficult to cross. The riverbed had hidden pockets of quicksand that would suck in horse hooves and wagon wheels. When it came to crossing the river, there was safety in numbers. Augusta and her family waited to cross with two cowboys from the Shorbs family. Per Mary’s journals, the crossing was a struggle; the wagons nearly tipped over, everything was wet and women and children had to be carried out. They did cross successfully, however. To hear…

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HONOR…DAR Washita Chapter recently presented General Thomas P. Stafford with a Quilt of Valor. Pictured are Evelyn Hart, General Thomas Stafford, Carol Ann Batterton and

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HONORED…On Monday, November 21, 2022, the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washita Chapter presented Lt. General Thomas P Stafford with a Quilt of Valor at

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