Metcalfe Museum

Shortly after the move, Augusta and her family experienced much; the untimely death of a neighbor and a possible Indian uprising. Some neighbors rode up to the farmstead to warn the Corsons that they needed to pack up and follow them to Texas. Pa thought it was an overreaction and the family stayed at home. A few days later, Pa and Augusta saw a dust cloud being stirred up. The riders were actually soldiers who had received orders to be ready in case the uprising took place. Later in life, Augusta remembered the horses the best. She stated, “I wanted…

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Summer Fun

SUMMER FUN…Kids at Bumble Bee’zz Daycare in Cheyenne had a great time dancing and listening to Laura Lopez read to them. Laura is the Librarian

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Library Programs

LIBRARY PROGRAMS…Everyone had a great time last week at the Summer Reading Adventure Program at the Library with Rocky Mountain Puppets! Join them next Tuesday

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