New Podcast Episode: The Battle of the Washita

Pictured above: Cheyenne Chief Homer Heap of Birds, who witnessed the attack as a young boy, and Chief Little Hand visiting the site, c. 1929 (19589.126.32, Alvin Rucker Collection, OHS). The latest episode of A Very OK Podcast explores the painful history of the Battle of the Washita. After the Civil War, increased westward migration resulted in escalating violent conflicts between the Plains Indian tribes protecting their ancestral lands and the new settlers. The 1867 Medicine Lodge Treaty failed to quell the violence, which resulted in Major General Philip Sheridan’s new strategy of attacking the tribes in their winter camps.…

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Small Business Spotlight

Terry Duncan is the owner of Cut-n-Shoot Outdoors, located at 102 S Cearlock in Cheyenne, Oklahoma. Cut-n-Shoot is a veteran owned business dedicated to bringing

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