Northfork Electric Election for Trustee Position

Ransom Snowden

Northfork Electric Cooperative’s 81st Annual Meeting will be held under the pavilion at the Sayre Municipal Park on Saturday,August 15th.

Elections for trustee positions in districts three (3),four (4) and five (5) will be conducted. Currently serving in districts three (3), four (4) and five (5) are James C. (Jimmy) Taylor,Ransom Snowden and Brent Meador, respectively. An election by ballot will take place for Trustee Position No. 4. Members will decide between incumbent Ransom Snowden and challenger,D&B Farms, Inc. – Brandon Hickey, Vice President – Designee. All members will be able to vote for any candidate, regardless of district. Members will also vote on a proposed bylaw amendment.

Ransom Snowden, Incumbent, Trustee Position No. 4 Ransom Snowden has been a member of NFEC since 1966. He has been married to his wife, Retta, for 54 years. They have four children, ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Ransom has farm and ranched his entire life and still runs some cattle.

Ranson is also the Chairman of Deacons at the First Baptist Church in Erick.He is also a Credentialed Cooperative Director on the NFEC Board.

Brandon Hickey

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve on a good, progressive board of an organization with exceptional employees,” Ransom stated.

Brandon Hickey, Vice President, Designee, Trustee Position No. 4 Brandon Hickey, D &B Farms, Inc., has been a member of NFEC for 11 years. He runs a cattle operation with his dad on their family farm.

Brandon has been married to his wife Stacie for 11 years. They have three girls, Kinley is 9 and Allie and Andie are 7. Stacie is a nurse and works in the ICU at Great Plains in Elk City. They attend the Sayre First Baptist Church.

“I believe the NFEC Board of Trustees is one of the most important organizations in our community. Our business and lives would cease to operate as we know it without the service the co-op provides,”Brandon stated. “I feel like it is time for the next generation of leaders in our community to step up and get involved in order to insure the next generation gets the same great service that we have grown accustomed to as well as to maintain the massive infrastructure that it takes for a rural community to thrive,” he added.

Brandon currently serves on the Board of Education at Sayre Public Schools and the Sayre Public School Foundation.