Old Settlers – Who Were They? How Did They Arrive? How Have They Impacted Our World? By Patsy Brown Wells – April 19, 2022

Patsy Wells reciting her poem at the2022 Old Settlers Talent Show Heh Anna dear! Did you hear? In cheyenne Arapaho County there’s a land run!April 19, 1892 (that’s this year Dear) anyone can run for free land at the shot of the gun!Anna dear, this is our dream come true. 160 acres of land to be had!Wow! Doesn’t that sound good? Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you glad!Anna Dear, get all of our belongings carefully packed.Have all the children’s things boxed and wrapped.Anna Dear get the children in the covered wagon and I’ll get the team of horses ready.Follow behind Ginger…

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