Platonic Club Holds First Meeting of the 111th Year

Enjoying the program “Salad in a Jar” are Platonic Club Members, left to right: Lynette Locatelli, Glenda Kirk, Diane Bradley, Judy Icke, Frances Dearing, Sharon Youngblood, Chris Calvert, Kay Salisbury, Mary Allen & Judy Tracy.

President Chris Calvert called to order the first meeting of the 111th year of GFWC Platonic Club at 2:00 Thursday, September 23, 2021. Flag Salute was led by Frances Dearing, Club Collect by Diane Bradley, Devotion by Vickie Sanderford and Prayer by Judy Tracy. Janith’s minutes and Sharon’s Treasurer’s report were approved as presented. The president announced the date for the GFWC Southwest District Convention to be October 23 in Apache. Registration for two delegates was approved. Frances reported a need at the Clinton Veterans Center and a donation was approved.

Lynette Locatelli & her Tower Garden

Sharon, Diane and Mary were commended for their Yard of the Week Work. An opportunity to help with the meals for the Unlimited Outdoor Adventure kids coming here from all over the USA to enjoy outdoor activities in the Cheyenne area was presented and heartedly approved. Memorials had been given for members Cleda Tucker, Gertrude Flesher and Frankie Cockrell.

Each club member in attendance provided their favorite salad item in preparation for Lynette Locatelli’s “Salad in a Jar” Program. Lynette’s Tower Garden, “Apollo” by name was begun only a month ago in soil less net pots and there was already an abundance of many different “greens”. Lynette shared this is an aeroponic tower, like the one that was recently constructed in the Cheyenne High School Science Class, one in which she helped science teacher, Mrs. Vernon acquire.. Members were invited to pinch off the different greens for samples. Lynette had harvested some greens and the “creating your own salad jar” began. It was important to begin with the salad dressing, made by Lynette and then the wettest veggies in the first layers. When everyone had finished, the jars were quite colorful, and ready to take home to eat. It was a most enjoyable and educational program. Those members enjoying the refreshments provided by Mary Allen and Diane Bradley were Judy Icke, Vickie Sanderford, Kay Salisbury, Chris Calvert, Glenda Little, Sharon Youngblood, Mary Allen, Lynette Locatelli, Diane Bradley and Judy Tracy.

Thank You

Thank you to all our volunteer firemen and county guys for their dedication to protect our community. Pictured working together to get the fire under

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