Platonic Club Takes Trip to Canadian, Texas

The Cheyenne Platonic Club enjoyed a trip to Canadian, Texas last Thursday, October 3, 2019. Members attending were: Oweita Calvert, Nelda Davis, Frances Dearing, Donnie Eakins, Janith Moore, Kay Salisbury, Sharon Youngblood and Lynette Locatelli. Our activities included dining at the Cattlemen’s Café, touring the sights around town, visiting the Art Museum where the artists were still working on murals made from duct tape. One has to see it to believe it, and it will be there until the end of the month. We then visited THE CITADEL, the former home of Dr. Abraham. He bought an old church that…

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Thank You

Thank you to all our volunteer firemen and county guys for their dedication to protect our community. Pictured working together to get the fire under

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