Platonic Club Visits Elk City Museum

On April 20, 2023, thirteen members of the GFWC Cheyenne Platonic Club went on a field trip to Elk City. After a delicious lunch at the Country Dove, they toured the Elk City Museums. A beautiful and unique art exhibit was on display by Sharon Youngblood’s son Rob Norris.
Each year the club travels to an art museum or historic site.
Glenda Kirk, Charlene Heronema, Sue Moore, Donnie Eakins, Karen Creach, Lula King, Radonna Smith, Diane Bradley, Vickie Sanderford, Chris Calvert, Sharon Youngblood, Janith Moore, and Judy Tracy attended
Rob Norris is an abstract impressionist from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Growing up, Rob idolized the American West and the inherent beauty of nature. Nearing the end of high school, he turned down an art scholarship in Chicago for ranch life on the plains of Colorado. Humble beginnings guided Rob to a life of ranching and hunting all over the state. He became an accomplished horse trainer, where his art was first expressed in the culminated bond of man and horse. Under saddle, Rob spent much of his time riding all over public lands and national forest looking for sign of wild game from trap line to timberline and beyond. Through the years, Rob has amassed a collection of beautiful skulls from the animals that he has ranched and hunted all his life along with others he purchased from auctions that support local wildlife divisions and conservation efforts. He relinquishes his creativity and imagination of these legends of the past as they are given a chance to speak a new story of life and resurrection.
Where the world is still warm enough for Hawaiian shirts and straw hats, Rob continues to enjoy spirited horses and the wilderness yet to be seen. But in the cold Colorado winter, he can be found at home pouring attention into these meticulous pieces, one after another, in a frenzy of expression that comes fifty years in the making.

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