Reading Ranger Storytime: Turkey Vultures!

SAYRE, Oklahoma: Bring the family and join a Park Ranger at Gallery @112 for free storytelling & an activity. For the month of June, kids will learn about vultures with the story “Vulture View” by April Sayre, a story about vultures as they soar on balmy air in search of their next stinky meal. The accompanying activity is to make turkey vultures out of toilet paper tubes. Turkey Vultures are commonly seen by visitors at Washita Battlefield. Many tribes view vultures as unclean and symbols of death however, they serve an important ecological role in the environment. Future Reading Ranger…

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Moving Snow

MOVING SNOW…Roger Mills County District 1 Commissioner Brian Hay talks to Randy Carter about clearing snow downtown Cheyenne on Tuesday. Snow started around 4:30am and

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