Reel Memories & Star Tales

Many people have shared stories of how every Saturday their families would come to Cheyenne to do business, finishing up at the Rook for the movie. Back in the day you could see the movie, have a drink and popcorn and still have change from your dollar. Teenagers loved to come see the current movie Saturday evening, then Drag Main until time for the Saturday night 10:45 “Preview”-which was the first showing of the next week’s movie. As the Friends of the Rook prepare to reopen the theater and celebrate the Rook’s 82nd year-we want to share all the great…

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Summer Fun

SUMMER FUN…Kids at Bumble Bee’zz Daycare in Cheyenne had a great time dancing and listening to Laura Lopez read to them. Laura is the Librarian

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Library Programs

LIBRARY PROGRAMS…Everyone had a great time last week at the Summer Reading Adventure Program at the Library with Rocky Mountain Puppets! Join them next Tuesday

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