Review Information about Johne’s Disease Prior to Calving Season

By Donald Stotts, Stillwater, Okla. – The approaching calving season has more than a few cattle producers cautiously looking for colostrum or colostrum replacers, given what they already know about Johne’s Disease, said Oklahoma State University experts. In many cases, it works like a game of connect-thedots: • Cow-calf operators realize they may have the opportunity to obtain natural colostrum from newly freshened dairy cows. • Expert recommendations are to avoid getting the colostrum from dairies known to have had an incidence of Johne’s Disease – a contagious, chronic and often fatal infection that affects primarily the small intestine of…

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NFEC Energy Camp

Walker Butler from Reydon and Alexander Misener from Canute represented their schools and Northfork Electric at Energy Camp last week along with eighty plus students

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