Reydon Tigers

8th Grade Co-ValedictorianTrevor Cochran and Cord McGlothlin 8th Grade Co-ValedictorianTrevor Cochran and Cord McGlothlin 8th Grade SalutatorianColter Cockrell Students of the Week – April 25th-28thBrennan Coker-5th grade, Jentry Yoakum-2nd grade,Remington Allen-4th grade, Kynlee Goad-6th gradeAvery Stapp-1st grade, Cheyenne Flannery-3rd grade, Aspen Nida-Kindergarten, Hudson Hatfield-Pre-K Students of the Month-AprilBrennan Coker-5th grade, Creed Hindman-6th grade, Drake Smith-4th gradeMaveri Manning-1st grad, Cheyenne Flannery-3rd grade, Julie Herren-2nd gradeJentry Herren-Pre-K, Jacob Sadler-Kindergarten End of Year Science Projects – Junior ClassJackie Parkhurst, Libbie Mabra, Chloe Wright, Ryder Burrows, Ava Powers Reydon FFA Chapter PresidentTyler York welcomes everyone to the Reydon FFA Labor Auction End of Year…

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Thank You

Thank you to LaNell Vernon and the Cheyenne High School Horticulture Class for their help cleaning out the downtown flowerpots and refilling them with potting

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Earth Day

Ivete Gallardo, Isela Creel and Josie Eakins had a great time learning all things Earth Day during Reading Ranger Story Time with Ranger Kate. Join

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