Sage Showers Finds a Staff Role in Senator James Lankford’s Office

CEDARVILLE, OHIO (11/30/2023)– Sage Showers has faced rejection. When she was seeking an internship in Washington, D.C., she heard a lot of ‘Nos’. Undaunted, she kept going until she finally heard a ‘Yes.’ That one positive response has opened one door and perhaps many more doors yet to come. Showers is a junior political science major from Hammon, Oklahoma, who spent the fall participating in Cedarville’s D.C. Semester, where students attend classes and participate in field-related internships. In the past, students have earned some high-profile postings, interning for the Department of Homeland Security, the White House, and the Secret Service.…

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Thank You

Thank you to all our volunteer firemen and county guys for their dedication to protect our community. Pictured working together to get the fire under

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