Search Conducted for Rhett Allen

The epitome of #OneTeamOneMission is when multiple departments at multiple levels of government come together in pursuit of answers and justice.Yesterday, 44 people from 16 agencies/organizations conducted a 16 square mile search for Rhett Allen, who has been missing from Roger Mills County since March 3, 2021. Searchers were on horseback, used four-wheelers and ATVs. OHP searched from the air using their helicopter.Sadly, the group was not able to locate Rhett. Again, if you know anything about his whereabouts, please contact the #OSBI at (800) 511-8017 or big THANK YOU to everyone who helped yesterday:OSBIRoger Mills Sheriff’s OfficeRoger Mills…

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Best Guard Dog

Max, the Best Guard Dog and his owner Casen Allen enjoying the Annual Pet Parade at the Slief Library in CHeyenne. Casen is the son

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Top Hand Cowboy Camp

Washita Cowboy Fellowship, Cheyenne, will host the Top Hand Cowboy Camp June 7-10, 2023 from 6-8:30 PMCamp is Free for boys and girls pre-k through

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