Southern Cheyenne Chief Wolf Robe

Wolf Robe (Born: 1838-1841, Died: 1910, Oklahoma) was a Southern Cheyenne chief of the southern Cheyenne Indian tribe and a holder of Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal. He appears above in a photograph taken in 1909. During the late 1870s, Wolf Robe’s tribe was forced to leave the open plains and relocate on a reservation in Oklahoma. The Cheyenne were divided into two groups, the Southern Cheyenne who were located along the upper Arkansas River and the Northern Cheyenne who were located at the headwaters of the Platt River. In 1864 a group of peaceful Cheyenne were massacred by U.S. Military…

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Charles in Charge

By Landry Brewer — For more than half a year, Charles Wren has been busy preserving Elk City’s past and telling its stories.Wren became the

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