The Dental View By Dr. Steven Shrader

Not all Mouth Rinses are Created Equal What if you had a mouth rinse which helped with bad breath, dry mouth, kills biofilm( that fuzzy feeling on your teeth), fungi, viruses and bacteria? We have that product available ORACARE. We have been promoting its use for many years and now a new study finds OraCare Rinse 99.9% effective against human coronavirus and that is why we use it as a pre-rinse in the dental office. Since we use it we want you to have the information on what a great product OraCare is. OraCare can help with periodontal disease and…

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PLAYDAYS…Cheyenne Riding Club members present the colors at the Playday held Monday, June 10, 2024. The Riding Club will meet July 1, 8 and 22

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Championship Steps

Oklahoma Rodeo Company Growing Rapidly LEEDEY, Okla. – The first few months of any life feature incredible growth. From infancy to toddler, forms change shape

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SHOWING… KC Patsys Brandy raised and shown by Kraiton Carpenter, Leedey, was recently named Supreme Polled Hereford heifer at the Red Dirt Road Trip Regional

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TRAVELING…Last week guests at the Minnie R. Slief Library traveled around the world and created travel coasters for all the places they want to go!

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