The Positive Things from the Pandemic

As an eleven-year-year boy, I had never even heard the word “pandemic,” but one afternoon after school was out, my mom and I were visiting with my grandparents when she got a message from the school principal. He said that school was cancelled for the rest of the year because of this Covid 19 Pandemic. I thought, “Oh no, how will I learn without going to school, and what will happen to me and my family? I was scared. The thought of doing my school work without a teacher was scary. However, after getting my assignments, my parents and grandparents…

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Draggin’ Main

Cheyenne – Strong City Alumni Events for Draggin’ Main October 14, 2023 2:00 -4:00 pm – Yearbook Signing Party (Cheyenne Star Event Center) This is

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Local Food

Cheyenne Public Schools has partnered with Route 66 Meat Processing in Sayre to bring fresh beef to the students! This was made possible with the

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